Top 5 Travel Destinations Iceland

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Iceland is one of the most diverse countries I have ever visited. We rented a car which was an amazing option for us, and I highly recommend it. We were even thrilled that we were able to rent one since in the US we can’t. If you are thinking you may not be able to rent a car due to your age, make sure you read the company’s policy because you may be able to like us. So, here are a few destinations for your road trip in Iceland:

1. Brúarfoss Waterfall

My favorite waterfall that we saw. As you can see below it is BEAUTIFUL. It is about a 2 hour hike so be warned because we had no idea how long it would take to get the waterfall.


Directions: Just down the road from Efsti-dalur on route 37….. Take road 1 up to Mosfellsbær. Turn into road 36 to Þingvellir. From there take road 365 to Laugarvatn and in addition take road 37 in the direction to the Geysir. About 2-3 kilometer after you crossed road 355 you will cross the river Brúará. Here you can also find a small parking lot. Walking upstream brings you to Hlauptungufoss and Brúarfoss.

We had no issues on finding the parking lot that they had. If you like icecream and are in the mood while visiting this waterfall check out Efsti-dalur farm.

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2. Lunch at friðheimar tomato farm

This was one of the freshest meals I’ve ever had. Behind us you can see all of the tomatoes that they grow which was cool to walk around and see. To eat here you MUST have a reservation. Somehow we got incredibly lucky and scored a table without a reservation. This is only because we did a little sweet talking and a reservation got canceled. Maybe you’ll get lucky like us if you forget to call ahead.


extra tip: right next to the restaurant is another waterfall called Faxi be sure to stop by. What did you think of this added destination in Iceland?

3. Fjadargljufur


This canyon is breathtaking. There isn’t much to say but WOW. Do not miss this destination on your road trip in Iceland!

directions: Ring Road (Route 1) heading east towards Skaftafell, make a left on 206 towards Lakagígar (there is also a small sign for the canyon). Continue on the gravel road for about 2km and you will reach the parking area for the canyon.

4. Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss


These are some of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland and no stop to Iceland is complete without coming to them. Skogafoss has a hidden secret trail that had barely anyone on it. We saw maybe one other group while hiking. After climbing up to see the waterfall from the top we decided to keep walking. This was one of the best decisions we made. If you keep walking more waterfalls appear and it is magnificent. You will not regret the extra walk/easy hike. Seljalandsfoss is a waterfall you are able to walk behind and if you walk 3 minutes to the left of the waterfall there is another smaller one coming off rocks which was cool to see since it was in the cave. Two destinations in one for your Iceland adventure. The picture above is Seljalandsfoss.

5. Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon, sunset, face mask, spa, hot spring

Now this tip is very controversial from all the blogs I have ever read. But, my friends and I decided to do it anyway and thought it best if we did it at the end of the trip (our last night) during sunset. We were glad we didn’t let other blogs turn us away from having this experience. Going at this time was so relaxing and we enjoyed it more. Bring a waterproof case so that you can take some pictures while here.

These are only a few destinations for a trip to Iceland. Overall, there are so many other amazing places we saw that I did not cover but if you are planning a trip and want more suggestions just message me on instagram! Check out @bffswhotravel on instagram to see more pictures from the trip.