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How to Spend 24 Hours in Porto

While I would recommend more than 24 hours in Porto to enjoy more of the city, we accomplished all that we needed to in the time that we had. We planned the day before all the spots we had to hit and went from there. The rain tried to slow us down but it was unsuccessful. So let me tell you how we spent our day.

Our 24 Hours in Porto

Breakfast: Head to Zennith

We went here for our breakfast and it was delicious. It can get busy but the service is fantastic so you probably will not be waiting long. There is so many options to choose from on their menu that there is bound to be something for everyone. Not too far from here is the Steak n Shake that has surprisingly nice tiles.

After breakfast we headed to see the tiles at Igreja das Carmelitas. Then we walked through Jardim Cordaoria to get to the Miradouro da Vitoria which provides a great view of the city. Throughout this the rain was starting to get harder so we made a pit stop for some gelato before passing by Palacio da Bolsa and the Church of Sao Francisco.

Lunch: Port Tasting

We then headed towards the river and decided to cross the bridge for a wine tasting. On the other side of the river there are so many Port wine tastings to choose from. We chose at random and Port wine may not be for us. After we finished the tasting we walked back over the bridge admiring the view. Our next stop was to Largo da Pena Ventosa which has been nicknamed as “candy land” and it is a great photo opportunity. We had decided to buy tickets to Livraria Lello to check out the library which was used as inspiration in Harry Potter. I suggest getting tickets online as the line was much shorter than the other. This is going to be VERY crowded but we thought it was still very worth it. The library is very unique and you can feel the Harry Potter vibes.

Snack Break: Pastéis de Nata

As it started to rain again, we headed to try one of the famous custard pastries. I had tried some the last time I was in Portugal but forgot that I liked it. My friends even liked it even though they aren’t the biggest custard fans.

Dinner in Porto: Boa Bao

This restaurant was amazing and I would go back in a heartbeat. You may want a reservation if you do not plan to go right when it opens. We were lucky and got seated right away since we go there so early. The interior of this place and the ambiance was very cool. We ordered dumplings, fried rice, bao buns and curry. This place has inspired my love for Bao Buns and I have since eaten them in multiple cities.

After dinner we went for drinks at Base which is a wine bar not too far from the Livraria Lello. Thankfully the rain had mostly stopped at this point as it’s outdoor only. We loved the atmosphere here and can imagine on a clear day it would be the perfect stop.

Sao Bento Station

Before leaving Porto:

The next morning we were off to Lisbon but not without hitting two more spots. We had to squeeze in the one last tiled church (type in Rua De Santa Catarina) and we visited Sao Bento Station which was easy since our train was leaving from there. Both of these places have beautiful tiles that we are very happy we did not miss. Overall with the 24 hours in Porto we were able to see all the sites we had planned. I am sure there is still more to discover there but we were pleased with what we accomplished. After this we headed to Lisbon, if you are interested in learning about what not to miss in Lisbon click here.

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