Foods to Try While in Greece

Foods to Try While in Greece

While I travel, I am a bit of a foodie and if you have seen any of my stories on instagram I am sure you already know this. So after spending a couple months in Greece I came up with a list of MUST try foods while visiting the country.



These are DELICIOUS. If you do not eat this while in Greece, you are truly missing out. They are fried dough sometimes filled in the middle ( when shaped into balls) and they are drizzled with honey and cinnamon.


This may sound like a strange one but trust me. Once you try figs in Greece nothing else will compare. I tried some when I got home and was so disappointed. The Island of Chios has some really great figs and is where I ate the most figs.



Now if you love coffee, I highly suggest you visit a cafe and get a frappé. I have heard from everyone that they are amazing. I personally do not like coffee so if you are like me when I was over there, I would get a cold chocolate which is like a whipped chocolate milk.



If you do eat meat, you must try the lamb here. Whether it is in a gyro or in pot roast it will be amazing. see what I ate above.

Be sure to go to the bakeries and try the pastries as well. A pastry I became obsessed with while there was bougatsa. I highly recommend trying this if you like pastries that are cream filled. Lastly do NOT forget to eat all the feta, tzatziki, and pita you can!

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