A Day Guide to Arches NP

While in Moab, Arches National Park is not to be missed. We visited this park in June of 2020 right when everything was opening back up (Covid). So for us the crowds were not too terrible considering things we had heard. The parking lots in this park are small so we did not get to do the hikes in the order that I had wished. I had wanted to do the longest hike first since it was going to be extremely hot. However we ended up doing it last in the middle of the peak heat and survived so it worked out. Also if I am saying its hot it’s HOT. Growing up in Florida you can tolerate it to a certain extent but please be sure to have enough water because it can become scorching.

Landscape Arch (1.6 miles)

This was our first hike of the day and was quite easy. The path is basically paved the whole way so anyone can do this hike. I know it is not a long hike but there is no shade except for right in the beginning entering the trail so just keep that in mind.


Skyline Arch (1 mile)

Another easy hike but the view of the arch is actually better before the trail ends. There are rocks that you can climb to get a view from higher up, we saw others who had done this however we did not as we had other hikes to get done.

Sand Dune Arch (0.5 miles)

Again a simple hike to a little arch that looks like you are on a different planet.


Delicate Arch (3.0 miles)

This is the hardest hike they say here and because of the parking lot situation we ended up doing it at 2pm. The reason this is such a difficult hike is because of the hill that you have to climb up. See below:


Double Arch, North Window & Turret Arch

I put these all together because they share a parking lot and are in a way connected to each other. In total you will probably walk around a mile here maybe a little more. These are super easy hikes and a great way to end the day.

This is the order we did the hikes and thoroughly enjoyed the day and definitely were ready for showers by the end of the day. Be sure to check out where the water refill stations are so that you can have water for all your hikes. The map they give you when entering the National Park will show where those stations are located.


If you wanna see more photos from this park check out @bffswhotravel on instagram.