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Trips You Need to Take With Your BFFs USA Version

Choosing a place to travel to with your friends can be difficult. So below I have listed a few places in the U.S. that are trips you need to take with your Bffs.


Why this state?

Two reasons: Breweries and Hiking/Ski Season. So I guess kind of three reasons as it will depend on the season you want to visit. There are so many places to visit here from Denver to Crested Butte to Steamboat Springs. If you are interested in going to Colorado head to this blog to learn more.


Looking for a place to have a good time at? Vegas is that place. We had a great girls trip here back in August 2021. We spent a full 5 days. Even if you are not into the partying scene Vegas has quite a good food scene. To learn more about what your trip to Vegas could look like check this blog out.


Another amazing hiking destination mixed in with a good time and a great food scene. Now I may say July is a bit too hot of a month to visit but we still had an amazing time. We were able to do something on our bucket list while visiting Phoenix and its was something we will never forget. To learn about what we did and our bucket list moment check this blog out.


Let me be honest, I’m really saying it for just for Chicago but wanted to keep the theme of having states as the heading. I can’t speak for the whole state as I really have just listed Chicago which I loved and had a great time with friends there. So until I have more to say about the state in general head to this blog to learn more about Chicago.


Cali trip!! Who could say no to this? This state is wonderful all year round. I haven’t had the pleasure of exploring as many of their national parks yet but they look simply wonderful. I have spent more time along their coast line which I am absolutely obsessed with. Looking to spend time in LA check this blog out. However if you are looking to spend time in San Fransisco check this blog out.


A beach vacay never hurt anybody. Probably one of the most relaxing options on this least, Florida has a vast variety of beaches to choose from for a trip. I may be a bit biased being a Floridian myself but hey it is a pretty great state. Recently I had a trip down to the keys which is almost like being in the Caribbean without leaving the U.S. So if you are interested in going on a trip there read this blog for more tips.

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