How to Make Moving Less Stressful

Moving can be quite an aggravating experience. Overall, the process seems to be unending and dreadful. I know I am always grateful once the move is over. Let’s talk about how to get to the final stage where we can finally relax. There are multiple steps when moving but there are two important ones. The main events in my opinion are the packing stage, and the unpacking stage. Both seem to last longer than they should. However unpacking is extremely easy and not as dreadful with the finish line in sight.

There are also different types of moves ranging from moving offices to buying a new home. My experiences have been moving into new apartments and moving into a new home. During my college years, moving was always dreaded as it meant the year was over and the time for packing had to start. It seemed like a never ending cycle. After going through multiple moves, I have thought of some helpful tips that someone in the process of moving may need.

1. Purging:

In my mind, this step is KEY. There will be two purges, one when packing and another when unpacking. When packing you’ll mostly be throwing away trash and be letting go/donating those few items you can part with. However, after multiple moves, I have realized that you end up purging more once you start to unpack. Mostly it’s those forgotten items that you had the epiphany you do not need anymore. If you have forgotten about them throughout this process, then you really do not need to keep it.

Recently, we have been remodeling our house. So we had to pack up all our possessions and before we started we purged like mad men. I gave away way more than I intended and still believe that there is more that can go. It can definitely be difficult to get rid of things while moving but, overall, the feeling after giving away clothes or games I didn’t need anymore felt incredible.

2. Moving Company:

Moving to a new place, no matter how far away, can be exhausting and stressful. This is a time that should be exciting and not filled with anxiousness or worries. So, in order to make this process easier, hiring a company like Florida Smart Moving could be beneficial. These commercial movers in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida provide services in Miami and the surrounding areas. What are the benefits for you? By hiring a company to help in your moving process, you will be able to save time and energy. Easing the steps you need to take and allowing you to focus on other tasks at hand by being able to trust that your belongings are taken to your new office or home.

3. The Packing Process:

I will say that this is my least favorite stage in the moving steps and believe that most people would agree with me on this. Some important reminders to remember are to not make the boxes too heavy, to make sure you have enough packing materials and to make sure you have enough time to pack.

Heavy Lifting

While packing it is easy to add a few more items to a box if it fits. The problem then occurs that the box is now too heavy to lift. It is better to have more boxes that are lighter than heavy ones that could lead to injuries. Being a person who dislikes making multiple trips when carrying groceries etc., this was something I had to be constantly aware of during the packing stage.

Packing Materials

Throughout our moving process, it seemed like we were always running back to Lowes or Home Depot for more packing tape or boxes. It may seem like you have bought enough. Mostly likely you did not. You do not realize how much stuff has been acquired over the years of living or working somewhere until you start moving. It is almost inevitable that there will be multiple trips made to your hardware store to ensure you have all the packing materials you need.


This is something that you always think you have enough of. Starting to pack early is key to helping the process go smoother. Waiting until the last minute to pack will cause more stress than needed. We all have busy schedules, so creating a list of what needs to be done may help with your time management. As every second helps while moving and the sooner you begin to pack, the sooner you can be in your new place.

Moving can be stressful, but it does not need to be. Instead of being a time of intensity and burden, there should be excitement and joy. These are tips I have learned through moving several times. Using them helps the process be less stressful for myself and hopefully they will help you during your next move!

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