Bucharest a Hidden Gem

This city surprised me in many ways. I truly wasn’t sure what to expect and there is definitely a lot of character in this town. Bucharest is a city that should be considered for your next trip. 

I went in knowing nothing about Romanian history or the language. The people proved to be SO kind and I never had a difficult time anywhere. I was able to learn so much after being there for four days. Romanian history is shorter in some ways to other countries but still so rich.

How did I learn more about their history? 

I highly suggest getting a private guide who is a local of the city. I found Cristina who is a great guide for anything Bucharest! She grew up in and still lives in the city. I love finding hidden gems and she definitely delivered on taking me to the best spots. She spent half a day taking me around and showing me historical spots and even some of her favorite places to go. Reach out to her for your next trip to Bucharest. It was such a joy to meet her and I hope you can as well. 

Here are a few places we went together:

Lunch in Bucharest with private tour
Cristina and I

Soup and smoothie at a garden for lunch in Bucharest
Lunch at Gardina Verona

We made a stop to revolution square and Cristina showed me some buildings from the communist rule and how they changed the city. We took a walk around one of her favorite parks which it was clear why she loved it. On our walk, we noticed a building with a red circle which indicated that it was likely to collapse during an earthquake. I started to notice this sign more while exploring on my own. It seems crazy that there are so many buildings like this. However there is nothing that can be done as these are historical buildings so there is too much red tape to go through.

There is definitely loads of places to see and eat in Bucharest. Cristina will offer some hidden gems to eat at and drink if you ask! She suggested I go eat at Manuc Inn while there and I do not regret that one bit. I had a delicious lamb stew and wish I could eat it again at this moment.

So who are you going to call when in Bucharest??? If you said Cristina then you are ready for a trip to Bucharest!

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