Gift Ideas for Everyone

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As someone who always needs help thinking of ideas for gifts, I think it’s finally time I made one to help others. In this I’m going to go over a variety of different options for all the people in your life. We all know we have those difficult people who may just have it all. Christmas season is upon us but these gifts could be useful for any occasion. Below are a few gift ideas I have had over the years.


These shoes are a great gift idea for anyone! Their comfort is unbeatable and anyone I know who has a pair is obsessed. They have come out with so many new styles so definitely take a look.

Backpack Cooler

Are they a beach, boat or tailgate person? Can’t go wrong with getting a backpack cooler that makes it easy to carry drinks and snacks for the day.

Beer Pong Golf

For the golfer in your life think about getting this. It’s called Putter Golf which is like beer pong but with putting. You could play this on the beach, by the pool or while tailgating.


Can never go wrong with a new pair of shorts or a shirt. I search through the “we made too much” section first and go from there. I think the quality of Lulu is worth it and their customer service is amazing.

Wicked Good Cupcakes

Want to send someone something sweet but are afraid that it won’t last long enough? Wicked good cupcakes is the way to go. I received these when I was in college for my birthday and loved it! I recently sent these to my boyfriend while being abroad. He is gluten-free so I loved that they had this option.

Photo Print

Get a print for someone who may have just moved as a housewarming gift or someone who loves to travel so they can always dream of a destination.

Hope these gift ideas were helpful! I will keep adding to this as I think of unique gift ideas.

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