Beaches in Mallorca

We spent a week in Mallorca visiting some gorgeous places. After flying into Palma De Mallorca and we made our way to Magaluf. We stayed at Innside Calvia Beach which was perfect for us. We rented a car to explore more of the island to discover some of the best beaches in Mallorca.

Don’t Miss These Mallorca Beaches :

Cala Llombards –

Mallorca, swimming

This is a classic stop to make while in Mallorca. If you are on social media at all you have seen a picture of this place at some point. It will be crowded during the summer but the stop is worth it. 

Playa Santanyi –

We stopped here for some lunch and as we wandered found a similar verision to the Llombard houses here. The houses along the water were less crowded here and was a nice surprise to happen upon. 

Cala Gran –

This was the largest cove beach that we went to, and it had the most space along the rocks to lay out. This was key for us as we did not want to be right on top of other people and liked having our own space. On the actual beach it was quite crowded and this reoccurred at every beach we went to. 

Platja des Trenc –

This is different from the others as this beach isn’t a cove type beach. It is quite a large beach and there are vendors there if you need to buy anything to drink. The waves here can get quite rough so be aware of this if you want to swim. We came here to see this: Pic of rock pool thing

Sol De Mallorca –

Going here, you have three beaches in one. If you want to choose a spot not surrounded by others it is definitely possible even during the summer. The most unique part about this area are these caves that you can access if you keep walking along the beaches. In the caves you can see etchings which added to the spookiness of it all. 

Mondragon Natural Park-

This park combines some hiking with beautiful beaches. There are multiple places where you can choose to sit. There is a place where you can get water and snacks so if you don’t pack anything do not worry. I was able to fly my drone here and the views are just stunning. You could just spend the whole day here swimming and hiking. 

These were some of my favorite beaches in Mallorca and I am sure that there are many that I missed. This island was way bigger than I was expecting. So, I guess that means I just have to go back and explore more!

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