Christmas in London

Christmas in London was the perfect way to spend the Holidays. This is honestly one of my favorite times of the year and spending it in London was even more magical. The city of London decorates everywhere for the season. Yes, it may be a little rainy coming in December but you are in a different city spending the holidays, so who cares? The rain didn’t stop us from exploring.

The Westin at Christmas Time

We stayed at the Westin London City, which had just been open for a couple of months. The employees at this hotel were some of the best we have ever had. Imagine Ritz Carlton type service, but then add more to that. From the moment we got there they were delightful. They lent us a polaroid with film to use while exploring. We woke up Christmas morning to a stocking with candy on our door and came back that night to some dessert in our room. Aside from that, the metro is close by and it’s an easy walk to Tower Bridge. So, I highly suggest Westin London City for your next stay.

Now that we have covered where you should stay, it’s time to move onto what to do while for Christmas in London. This list will have mostly Christmas-related things to do. However, some of these can be done at anytime in London. So here we go:

Restaurants Not to Miss in London:


This is one of the oldest restaurants in London. Rules was established in 1798 serving traditional British food, including game meat. During the Christmas Season, the inside is decorated throughout the whole place. Be sure to make reservations before going and their dress code is “smart dress.”

La Mia Mama

For a delicious Italian restaurant, head to La Mia Mama. There are multiple locations in the city. Be sure to make a reservation for this as well. I tried looking even before our trip for a week or two and couldn’t get one.

Fortnum & Mason

Going to London and not having high tea? Couldn’t be you, right. This will always be on my London list of things to do in the city. I love having tea here and have done it each visit.

Cafe Kitsune

Great place to stop for a quick breakfast. I loved having their egg sandwich and matcha. I have also visited one in Paris, which was lovely.

Gordon’s Wine Bar

This is London’s oldest wine bar. After a long day of exploring, it was so nice to just sit and relax with a glass of wine. We sat outside since we couldn’t sit inside, but in my opinion, the inside is the best part of the place.

Christmas Things to do in London –

Christmas Markets –

There are Christmas markets all around London starting in November. While most of the stalls are similar at each market, there’s still something about going to them all. Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit that I love. Some not to miss ones are Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, Covent Garden, Southbank, Trafalgar Square, Borough Market, and Selfridges. The last one I have not been to but have heard good things.

Piccadilly Circus –

This will be the spot you have seen everywhere on social media. The lights hanging on all the roads here was beautiful. We came to see the lights almost every day. However, we specifically came Christmas night. I was so thankful we were not in a car driving around to look at the lights. When I tell you it was mobbed, I mean literally no car was moving. So if you plan to drive around, maybe don’t on Christmas Day.

Harry Potter Warner Studios –

This could be a day trip you do anytime of the year when visiting London. For the Christmas season, they decorate the studios for the holiday. I think it adds to the Harry Potter magic. When watching the movies and seeing Hogwarts at Christmas was always the best. So seeing the set and designs at that time was perfect. Doing this tour will need to be planned in advance and a reservation will need to be made.

Other Things to do In London –

Jack the Ripper Tour –

These tours are walking tours at night. The guide we had was so expressive and entertaining. We learned so much about this serial killer and saw the actual locations of where the murders happened. The tour can definitely be creepy/eerie at times, but overall it’s a very unique experience.

NottingHill –

Walk around this colorful neighborhood going in and out of different shops. We found a great tea store here and stopped for a drink. On some days there are markets along the streets to walk through as well.

Camden Market –

I enjoy going here to eat at the different food stalls that they have. There is a bunch to see in the whole area. It’s another area to do shopping in if that is what you are looking to do.

I never thought I would love this place so much but I do. I have heard about people not liking the food but I have never understood that. London is a city I will always return to and I hope to find new places each time I go. Hope to hear about your Christmas in London.

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