Visiting London Soon?!

Visiting London Soon!?

       My friend was studying abroad in London, so I decided to visit her during Thanksgiving break. After almost missing my flight to see her and spending the night in the Boston airport, I eventually made it to England. It was nice having someone who could show me around since she had been living there for a couple months. During the week she still had school so I would go explore on my own and took a day trip one of the days. So, what did I enjoy most about London in November:

Buckingham Palace

This is an obvious stop on any trip to London. The first we went by was when the changing of the guards happened, so it was packed. I would recommend seeing the changing of the guards and going again later when there are not as many people.


There is a decent sized Chinatown in London. I enjoyed walking around seeing the lanterns hanging everywhere and finding a bubble tea place. There was also a small Christmas market right outside near the main entrance into the neighborhood. I was there for Thanksgiving 2018 and it was already set up so that was a nice surprise. 


Camden town/market

Looking for a artsy area to find unique food or just walk around the area to see all the street art this would be your place. There are a bunch of different foodie places here like cereal killer cafe and the mac factory stall



One of the days I decided to take a solo tour so that I would be able to see more sites outside of London. The tour I went on was full day tour of stonehenge/bath/averbury/lacock. Recommending this tour because this company was incredible. Bonus on the tour they took us to a few sites where Harry Potter was filmed. 


Go Have Tea

I was unable to have tea with my friend, so I decided to book a teatime for myself. I could not go to London without having tea. I was told I HAD to go to Fortum & Mason and was thankful I decided to make a reservation there. I had a lovely time and the tea was AMAZING. There are many options for tea, so you just must choose a place that suits you. 


Just Explore the City

Since I visited during the holiday time there were decorations everywhere. Carnaby street, Covent Garden and Piccadilly had Christmas decorations already up and at night it was beautiful to see. There were Christmas trees around the city and even some of the huge Christmas markets were open like the one in Hyde park. During this season, the leaves had changed colors and were beautiful so taking a walk in the park was fun as well. 


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