One Day Guide to Canyonlands

One Day Guide to Canyonlands

When we visited this National Park it was the middle of June and was blazing hot. On the trails we hiked there was not much shade either. At this park we visited a lot of viewpoints as we had already hiked a bunch on our two week trip. Personally if you only have one day and will not be going deeper into the park then I would do what we did.

From Moab it takes about 40-50 to get inside of Canyonlands. This is good to know if you plan on seeing sunset here like we did. On a clear night once it gets dark enough you can also see all the stars. We were able to see a bunch and then got worried we would not be able to get out of the park because we were not paying attention to the time. We ended up leaving around 10pm but were like 20-30 mins from the entrance.

Mesa Arch (0.5 miles)

  • This is an arch that you definitely should not miss. I suggest stopping here first so there will not be as many people.DSC-0881

Green River Overlook, Candlestick Tower Overlook, Buck Canyon Overlook, Grand View Point Overlook

  • These are the viewpoints we stopped at along our drive through the National Park.

  • At Grand View Point Overlook there is a trail that leads to the a different view which we decided to hike. View below. DSC-0922

Upheaval Dome is another trail that we hiked and would rate it as a moderate trail. There are two different viewpoints that you can hike to, I prefered the view that was the further one.

Below is a picture from when we came back for sunset:


To see more from Canyonlands NP head over to @bffswhotravel for more pictures.