Three Day Guide to Los Angeles

Three Day Guide to Los Angeles

Day One

We landed in LA in the early afternoon and ended up getting to our friend’s place around 2:30-3:00 by the time we got our luggage and the car. After saying our hellos we went to explore.


First Stop– In n Out

We were starving and what’s a trip to California without eating at this fast food chain. My friend who was traveling with me had never been so it was not even a question that we HAD to go.

Second Stop– Hollywood walk of fame

We were lucky enough to find a parking spot on the main street and just started walking up and down to see the different stars.

Third Stop– Lake Hollywood Park


Of course we needed a picture with the Hollywood sign and certainly had no time to climb all the way up there with only an hour or so left of daylight and two other days fully packed on other sites to see. So we went to this park I had found through other bloggers giving advice and it was the perfect location. A treat on the way to the park is driving through all the houses underneath and on the mountain side. They all are so beautiful and the views are amazing.

We decided to go back to Venice to eat back at home but our last stop of the night was a walk to Salt N Straw on Abbot Kinney for some delicious ice cream.


Day Two

First Stop– Breakfast

We chose to go to Great White in Venice Beach. All of us got the breakfast burritos and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Second Stop– Beverly Hills

We had to stop and see the famous hotel and sign of course and then take a drive through the neighborhoods a little and then drive down Rodeo Dr.

Third Stop– Melrose Ave

This was our shopping day. There are so many stores on this road that you are bound to find whatever you are or aren’t looking for. What did surprise me about this street was how spread out the shops were that we were interested in going to. Before beginning our shopping adventure we fueled up by going to Alfred’s for a matcha and something to eat.

While walking around this area you are bound to see many wall murals as well.

Fourth Stop– Lady & Larder

We stopped here to pick up the charcuterie board that we had order to take to the beach for dinner. We took it to venice beach to eat at sunset. Unfortunately it had been gloomy all day and it was not a true sunset but we still enjoyed our board at the beach.


Day Three

First Stop– Huntingdon Beach

We drove down here to met another friend of mine for lunch and spent the time walking around going into different shops and watching surfers.

Second Stop– Abbot Kinney Blvd

We had not yet walked into all the cute shops in Venice so we decided to do this and ended up buying some more clothes.

Third Stop– Malibu

I had researched about a swing in Carbon beach that I was determined to find during sunset. We were lucky enough for the weather to finally clear up for our last night so this made sunset at the beach spectacular.

Dinner we went to Malibu Farm and I could not recommend it enough. Our meals were DELICIOUS.

This was how we spent our three days in LA. I understand that day three seems a bit all over the place but the original plan was to go to Laguna Beach after Huntingdon Beach. However this changed because of how the tides were. For us it was high tide all day not allowing us to do what we had planned which is why we went back to Venice and then Malibu.

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