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We flew into Dubrovnik on a Saturday afternoon and stayed for two nights. We took the bus from the airport to the city which was the cheapest way to get into town. We definitely got off of the bus too early and became apart of the tourist group climbing up and down stairs lugging suitcases. So I highly recommend knowing your stop and way to where you are staying. You could also choose to take a taxi or uber to where you are staying. We chose to find a place through Airbnb which was the cheapest/best option for us. We had a nice balcony to eat on and it was in a great location for not being within the city walls. We were about a 5 minute walk from the walls.

I loved watching game of thrones so I will tell you the different sites we saw from that, where we swam and where we ate/ had drinks. Here is what we did with our time there:



Fort Bokar, Lovrijenac Fort Minceta Tower are able to be seen when walking the Walls of the city. I would recommend walking the walls in the morning or later in the afternoon so there will not be as many people on them with you and the heat won’t be as bad if you are visiting during the summer like us. Both the gates into the city were also used in filming. Soon after entering through Ploče Gate you will see St. Dominic’s Church and those steps leading up to it were used during filming. The Rector’s Palace is another filming site along with St Dominic Street which was used for the walk of shame. For me I was fine with just researching and seeing the sites on my own. If you are like me and then I suggest googling the sites and just walking around to see them. If you don’t want people in your pictures at the sites I suggest going early in the morning, I went around 7 am and had no problem getting the pictures I wanted. Blackwater Bay or Dubrovnik West Pier is also another easy movie site to see while visiting Dubrovnik. There is also a kayaking tours that leave from over here while we chose not to do a kayaking tour a lot of people seemed to enjoy it.



Lokrum Island is an easy place to get to by boat from the city. We spent part of the day here for two reasons. One I had heard the real throne for the series was here so we went looking for it. Yes we did make it to the throne (which is free to see/sit on) and there was a small like to wait. The second reason was we wanted to swim and relax. There are chairs you can rent to layout on while swimming and there are also places around the island where you can just lay a towel out yourself. Another place to swim is right outside the walls actually on the other side of where you would catch the boat to Lokrum. There is an area roped off to designate where to swim and in it is also a little water polo area with a net.



D’Vino Wine Bar – We had a great glass of wine along with a charcuterie board. If you aren’t sure about what wine to get we were able to tell the waiter what we liked and he just brought us a wine and told us where in Croatia it was from. He ended up choosing the perfect one for us too.

Busa Bar– The drinks here were definitely more expensive than other places but for us the environment made up for it. You were able to swim at this bar as well as it is just on the outside of the walls that surround the city. There are two of these bars both the same thing just in two locations.

Beach Bar DoDo– We got recommended this bar from the guy at our Airbnb and we ended up just happening upon it. It was the morning when we went so we opted for mimosas. It was a cute bar with swings as chairs and a great photo op. There is also an area to swim near here too.

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