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Let’s Go to Vegas!

Why did we choose Las Vegas as our girl’s trip this year? Well, two main reasons our one friend won a contest on a radio and we wanted to go somewhere with a good nightlife. Made the choice a bit simpler and it did not disappoint whatsoever. We were there for 5 nights and 6 days. By most standards this is an extremely long time for a Vegas trip. We stayed at the Paris Hotel and at the OYO hotel. We probably will not be staying at OYO again as it was far from the main part of the strip and not the best service. However the way I planned the trip made it so the distance wouldn’t be as much of an issue. So how did we spend our incredibly long time in Vegas??

Things to do in Vegas:

Area 15:

Ask anyone in the group, I was so hesitant about this place. Recently it had popped up everywhere on social media and I thought it was not going to be worth it at all. Boy, I was wrong! I would suggest this to anyone going to Vegas. There is so much to do inside from food, bars, art rooms and shops. I literally loved walking around this place and I was just so intrigued by it all. We decided to go through Omegamart which is the main attraction you hear about on social media. While I was thoroughly confused by the story line I still had so much fun exploring the inside. We eventually googled later on that to do the activity inside you need about 3 or so hours. We still spent close to 2 hours and we loved it even without doing the activity right.

Go See a Show:

Vegas has so many different types of shows there is bound to be one for you. As I was on a girls trip we decided to go to Thunder Down Under at the Excalibur Hotel and then the next day we went to Mystery a Cirque du Soleil show at Treasure Island. I enjoyed both shows! Of course they are very different styles but you are bound to find something up your alley while there. We also had no trouble booking them at the concierge desk while we were there.


It is definitely not a true trip to Vegas if you do not get to experience their clubs. We decided where to go based off who was playing that night. So that is why we ended up at Hakkasan nightclub (MGM Grand) on Friday night and Encore Beach Club (Wynn) on Saturday during the day. A pro tip for getting into clubs is to connect with promoters. This process was actually much easier than I would have thought with how much they use social media. The promoters are also super informative on who is playing where and what time to arrive.

There are a few negatives I have about the night clubs. First they are SO stingy about water. They will not just give you a glass. They want you to buy a small bottle that’s like $12. I’m not sure if that’s legal but I guess so. We were not very pleased with that after waiting 5 hours for the performer to come on stage. Which brings me to my next negative, be prepared to wait for the performer. We got into the club Friday night at around 10:30pm and Tyga did not come on stage until 2:30. Yes there is still a DJ on stage playing but it is a long time to wait. At the Beach Club we did not wait as long but you do get in line around 12-1pm and then Marshmello came on around 3:30pm.

One last tip about going out, do not underestimate how tired you will be. We were convinced that we could go out Friday night then Beach club Saturday and then do another club Saturday night. We had heard not to plan to go to two clubs in one day like that but we thought we could push through. We were wrong by the time we got back from the beach club on Saturday to our hotel it was 6:30pm and we were exhausted and needed to shower. Looking back I realized we had been up for 24 hours Friday-Saturday as we were not adjusted to the time difference. So I suggest picking one performer to see each day. If you get to see two I would love to hear your stories because that day would be wild.


Best Friends (Korean BBQ)-

Okay, this place you CAN’T miss. I will go back here every time I visit Vegas. It is on the strip inside Park MGM. It is family style so we each ordered a dish and shared it all. We got ramen, fried rice, Chicken Boa and Kalbi bone-in short ribs. This was a meal I will always remember. We also enjoyed the music they played and the drinks they had.

Main St. Provisions (American Comfort Food)-

We had heard about this place as my friend’s friend’s brother is a chef here! The restaurant is in the arts district and the whole area has a great vibe. Once you walk into this place you just KNOW the food is going to be good. The smells in this restaurant are just amazing!

Vanderpump (Cocktail Bar)

Located in Caesar’s Palace this cocktail bar should be on the top of your list. We ordered the potato puffs and two orders of goat cheese balls because that’s how good they were. The whole decor and vibe of this place is just stunning. It was the perfect start to our night out!

Dutch Bros (Coffee Shop)

I had heard about this place from undercover boss (tv show) but had never been and my friends really wanted to try this! I am not a huge coffee fan which you may know if you have followed along on any of my adventures so I was happy to see that they had Chai and tea choices. I ended up getting their Vanilla chai and boy was it good. My friends all got a coffee and everyone was happy.

In n Out (Fast Food)

This is something I always go eat at least one time when I am out West. It is reliable, cheap and never disappoints.

Day trip options:

Red Rock Canyon, Seven Magic Mountains, Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

This is what we chose to do on our trip. Since we were out in Vegas in August it was terribly hot so we did the scenic drive around Red Rock Canyon. We enjoyed the views and would love to go back when it is cooler to do some hikes! We also wanted to see the art installation of the colorful rocks and to see the Welcome to Vegas sign since we had rented a car we decided to pair it all together.

If you are under 25 you are still able to rent cars! Having AAA can help you with this as well so that way you don’t have to pay extra fees.

Valley of the Fire State Park

I had been here on a previous road trip but this would be another great option to go to as it is only an hour away!

Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

I had done this on the same road trip mentioned above but I do know that it is a popular thing to do if you have the time when visiting Vegas!

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